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October 24, 2020

Some Common Mistakes Brokerages Make When Working Leads

As the lead provider, we want nothing but success for the brokerages who work our leads. We’ve been in all facets of this industry at some point – from the carrier, to the broker and now, the lead provider.

If there’s one thing we understand it’s how to translate a lead into a sale.

We want to show you how to save your business time & money, while also making sure that you’re closing leads consistently and easily.

1. Not Taking Advantage Of Both Pieces Of Contact Information

On all the leads we sell, there are two pieces of prospective customer contact information which we send out:

  • Email address
  • Phone number

When users fill out our forms, we do our best to make them fill out both of these fields correctly through various advanced techniques.

MOST of the time, the user will provide at least one accurate piece of contact information. Some users would prefer to be contacted by phone, and others prefer to be contacted by email.

If you aren’t using both pieces of contact information to reach out to them, you aren’t reaching your full ROI potential on our leads!

2. Not Having An (Effective) Email Campaign In place

While reaching out to prospective clients via email is a good start, you need to make sure that your efforts here are effective and working. It might cost some $$$ up front to get an expert in the field to handle your email campaign, and it will also cost money to put the necessary work and testing into constant improvement of your email campaigns. But if done effectively, this will pay ten-fold in the long run!

3. Not Having Enough Sales Staff To Jump On The Lead Right Away

Our leads aren’t guaranteed sales, and if they aren’t worked by your brokerage they are basically worthless and a waste of time/money. Our leads are also time sensitive — and every second that a lead goes without any attention, decreases lead quality

That said, IF you are purchasing leads make sure that you have the adequate sales staff to jump on leads immediately when they come in and it will keep your wallet happy!

4. Not Being Ready To Work

The auto transport broker space is a desirable space to get in for some – you can make a lot of money, you can make it quickly, and it’s not hard to attempt to dive into even if you are unfamiliar with the industry

However, if you are running a brokerage, you are still running a business and should treat it as such and do not make these common mistakes that newbies make:

  • Answering the phone and speaking to customers when background noise is present
  • Not being there for customers and working during “normal business hours”
  • Failing to providing adequate customer service
  • Not being respectful and professional!

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