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October 24, 2020

We hear the same story all the time from brokers who buy car shipping leads that go out to 10 or more companies per lead.

They compete with brokers who don’t know what they are doing, sending prospective customers ultra “low balling” quotes which make it hard for the GOOD brokers out there to close sales with the profit margin which their business needs to survive.

On top of it, the lead providers who sell their leads to 10 or more brokers at a time don’t send them out in true “real time”.

What does all this mean for you?

Closing less deals!

Having to stoop to these low balling broker’s level (and giving out low balling quotes yourself) just to make a sale.

Stop wasting time on leads that weren’t sent to you in real time!

The first moments after a lead is generated are crucial to that lead’s success.

By working with a dependable and experienced lead provider, you can make sure your business isn’t receiving outdated leads and be the first to contact your potential customers!

At, We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high quality, verified, and guaranteed leads to our customers in real time.

The days of working leads with 10 other brokers and wasting time on sourcing business is over. With you can save precious time and begin to turn your work into actual sales!

Verified Leads = Higher Conversion Rate = More Business = More Money

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