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Are you ready to start generating increased revenue and sales for your car shipping brokerage?

Live call transfers are one of the most effective and fastest ways to market your business today. Live call transfers, also known as hot transfer phone calls, will give you some of the highest conversion rates out of all lead generation techniques on the market today.

When you use live call transfers for your auto transport brokerage or house moving business, you’ll get phone calls straight to your business phone line from people who are ready to purchase from a trustworthy transportation company.

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What is a live call transfer or hot auto transport lead?

A live call transfer is a phone call from a qualified lead that is rerouted to your brokerage’s phone number. Here is how they typically work:

  1. A potential customer visits a page on one of our customer-facing websites related to auto transportation.
  2. The customer makes a phone call to get an auto transportation quote.
  3. The phone bot will ask the lead for information about their auto transportation needs.This includes year, make and model of their vehicle, timeframe for transport, vehicle origin and destination, and their contact information. With this information gathered from our phone bots, the customer is being qualified, evaluated, and pre-screened as a lead for your specific auto brokerage business.
  4. Based on the information the phone bot gathers, it will immediately transfer the lead to your company’s phone line.

You are the first to get in front of the lead and grab their attention.

All leads from Auto Transport Broker Leads are highly qualified for your specific services and ready to purchase thanks to our proprietary filtration system.

Why else should you try live call transfers from Auto Transport Broker Leads?

Using a robust, broad marketing strategy, that includes both offline and online techniques, is ideal for building a profitable business. But the problem is, most other marketing techniques will not give you ways to screen and evaluate prospects.

So many companies waste valuable time and resources with “tire kickers” and people who are just shopping around but aren’t serious about buying. With our live call transfers, you’re guaranteed to get leads that are pre-screened and evaluated. Forget about wasting time with tire kickers and window shoppers. All leads through Auto Transport Broker Leads are ready to buy. Other significant benefits you’ll get with our live call transfer services include:

  • You’re always the first auto brokerage company the prospect gets a hold of
  • Up to half of all auto transport sales go to the company who first grabs the prospect’s attention
  • Every phone call is given to you in real-time, so you don’t have to chase down old leads and play phone tag
  • The lead is filtered based on the criteria you set
  • Our services allow you to schedule the timeframe you want for lead delivery
  • You aren’t charged any minimum fees and can cancel at any time
  • Set your buying criteria and only pay for what your business needs
  • We guarantee a 100% contact rate
  • As the first to speak to the customer, your competition is greatly diminished
  • Live call transfers give you the chance to connect with hot leads the second they are interested in your services

While our live call transfer services will give you exclusive access to qualified leads, we aren’t perfect (although we strive to be). In rare instances, you may be able to claim a lead as “invalid.” A caller may get through the automated screening process that might be looking for a specific moving company, or they may not want full service and are considering a DIY auto transport. Our staff will manually approve individual lead returns.

Other companies might indeed have the contact information for some prospective customers. But you are the only company that will get to speak with them, guaranteed. This, and many other reasons are why live call transfers are the highest converting leads you can get. Premium, high-quality leads from Auto Transport Broker Leads will generate increased business, referrals, and profits for your auto brokerage.

We have live call transfer available for the following types of transportation companies:

  • USA vehicle moves
  • International vehicle moved

What are our requirements for receiving live call transfer leads?

We guarantee qualified leads for our car shipping clients. But those leads won’t convert if your company can’t meet specific criteria. You’re ready to take advantage of our exceptional live call transfer services if:

  • Your auto transportation brokerage or house moving company is equipped with a knowledgeable salesforce
  • Your sales team is ready to answer phone calls at regular business hours during the standard 9-5 workday
  • Your sales force has been trained and is prepared to answer phone calls from qualified leads professionally
  • Sales members do not have to refer back to an automated system, or immediately as potential customers to hold
  • Your marketing materials and collateral are professional and current
  • Sales members speak English professionally and clearly
  • The members of your sales team are knowledgeable about auto transportation or moving businesses and are ready to answer customer queries

We care about our moving and transport clients. But we also strive to give top-quality service to the potential customers who visit our websites and contact our bots for moving quotes. There are several requirements moving companies must meet before signing up for our live call transfer services:

  • Your brokerage must be active
  • You need to be registered with the Department of Transportation and have a valid MC number
  • Your company must demonstrate exceptional service and a good reputation
  • You’ve completed and filled out our application for live call transfer

At Auto Transport Broker Leads, we’ve been in the business for more than 20 years, and we’ve seen both sides of it as an ex auto-carrier and brokerage. While meeting these criteria is important for efficiently closing deals, they are essential for converting leads and building a positive business reputation.

If you answered “no” to any of the points above, it’s a good idea to use it as a checklist of things you’ll want to improve in your business before contacting us for your first set of qualified, live transfer call leads.

Did you answer “yes” to the criteria? That’s great because you’re on your way to building a healthy, thriving transportation business, and you’re ready to proceed with our live call transfer services.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you today and helping your business grow and thrive. Call us at 831-667-5589 to learn more about how our live call transfers work. If you’re all set to go and want to start generating a profit today, order your first set of leads from us online. It’s quick, easy, convenient, and guaranteed to work for your house moving or auto transport company.

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