Live Phone Call Ins – Highest Conversion Rates is pleased to announce our hottest product that’s always in high demand — LIVE phone call transfer car transport leads.

What Are They?

With live phone call transfer leads you no longer have to reach out and try to contact the potential client, we send the potential client to you via a phone call.

How Are They Generated

When a user comes to one of our websites, and calls the phone number on the site looking for a quote to ship their call, we forward the call directly to the number of your choice so your sales team can close the deal.

Highest Conversion Rates

We’ve been told that conversion rates on these calls are ridiculously high and 1 in 4 phone calls turns into a booked order.

How Do I Sign Up

Because these leads are in high demand, there is a waiting list. To be added to the waiting list, please submit our contact form on the right hand side of the page requesting to be added.

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