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Finding quality leads in the auto transport industry can be difficult, especially with so many online brokers cross-selling, repurposing and repackaging leads to sell them to several different companies. This practice often dilutes the quality of the leads, sometimes even rendering them useless if a customer has been contacted a number of times, or worse, contacted several days after their initial inquiry.

According to a study conducted by an MIT professor, even one hour of lag time can dramatically reduce the quality of a lead. With Auto Transport Broker Leads, you’ll never have to worry about that.

Leads are time-sensitive and in order to get the most out of them, it’s important to establish customer contact early on, which is why we take a different approach with our business model. All of our leads are delivered in real-time and shared no more than four times, allowing for a much greater conversion rate. There’s no need to compete with 10 other companies for the attention of a customer.

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Verified Leads + Effective Communication = Easy Conversion

as a carrier and a broker, which has allowed us to better understand the industry as a whole and streamline our lead generation process to only target the most engaged customers.

Other brokers may act as a middle man and collect a nice fee along the way, but we actually understand the nuances that make up a quality lead from our experience on both sides of the business. This expertise is reflected in the quality of our leads and the value that we bring to the many clients we work with.

It’s no secret that some leads convert better than others and we pride ourselves on providing the best leads in the car shipping industry.

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Reviews From Past And Current Customers Of Ours

“I have been buying auto transport leads from TOLM for several years and with very few exceptions they are ALWAYS the highest converting leads that I purchase.  We can find very few examples where the leads we purchased we not profitable.  I would recommend them for auto transport leads.”

-L.Williams President & CEO Auto Shipping Group Inc.

“Currently, I only use A1/TOLM.co for my auto transport leads because I’ve had years to filter and experiment with all lead providers and someway somehow many of the customers you pull are a better caliber than other providers.”

–  Ronald Stewart Sweet Spot Transport

“We have been using TOLM, Inc. auto transport leads for the past 18 months or so and it’s been a good experience. Joe and Tony are normally very easy to get ahold of and communicate with, and are reasonable guys that will work with you. ”

-Dwight Harrill Thrifty Auto Shipping

“We’ve been using TOLM, Inc. as a lead source for the last couple years. During the course of the campaign, we have seen great results, and plan to keep our partnership going. Thanks for the great service and top notch communication Taylor Online Marketing!”

-Management Freedom Auto Transport

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